SEAL Network Meeting

On Friday 5th September Year 8 SEAL students Noora Chatrary, Mark Tay, Chamil Rajapaksa and Joseph Halliwell ventured into Melbourne to attend a SEAL Network Meeting at University High School. We were treated to a lecture from American scientist Professor Bob Williamson, discussing cloning, stem cell research and DNA. Then it was off to the laboratory, where we met up with PhD students, who completed various science experiments with us. Following a session of table tennis in the gym, we attempted complex mathematical equations, receiving the second highest score out of the 35 schools in attendance. Eagerly awaiting our prize we were stunned to receive a maths textbook, which will probably come in handy. However, the day itself was greatly enjoyable and conversing with fellow SEAL students, from as far away as Bendigo and Wangaratta was a rewarding experience.

By Joseph Halliwell 8E


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