Tournament of Minds

Seven excited students from Gleneagles competed in the regional finals of the Tournament of Minds competition on Saturday, 23rd August 2014. Tournament of Minds required the team to solve two demanding open-ended challenges. The Gleneagles Team ‘League of Nerds’ spent countless lunchtimes and afterschool sessions preparing to present their creative solution to the set problem. Their presentation went very smoothly on the day and the judges were full of praise. The team also participated in an ‘unseen’ surprise challenge, where they were evaluated on their creativity, teamwork and ingenuity. Unfortunately, the team was not awarded a place, but it was an excellent first attempt. Looking forward to next year.
Ms Rampal, Science/Maths Teacher







Pictured: Zane Webb 7D; Emily Ilic 7K; Jessica Rodrigues 9I; Arushi Gupta 7E; Kameron Lai 7E; Canis Nugroho 8E; Ms Rampal Teacher

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