Computer Program 2015

THE 1-1 COMPUTER PROGRAM IS AN EXCITING STEP FORWARD FOR OUR STUDENTS AND THEIR LEARNING AT GLENEAGLES Secondary College. The program will start from Year 7 & 10 (2015) with the option of students in VCE (Year 11 & 12) participating in this program. Parent information evenings were held in the first week of term 4 for Year 7 (2015), Year 10 (2015) and Year 11 & 12 (2015). Students in Year 8 & 9 will continue to have access to our College wide fleet of netbook computers and computer labs which are bookable by classroom teachers whilst at school.
There have been many questions from students and parents about the program and we have addressed these at the parent information evening and also via the Gleneagles website > follow the quick-links on the left hand side of the page to the 1-1 program. Presentation slides and further information are all available at the website.

Below are some of the answers to some frequently asked questions:
1. Will each student in Year 7 & 10 (2015) be expected to purchase one of the two computer options?
Yes. These computers will be used across all curriculum areas and it is expected that students have them fully charged for each day at school.

2. What about students in Years 11 & 12 (2015)?
Students in Years 11 & 12 (2015) will continue to have access to the NSSCF Dell computers that were initially funded by the Federal Government. This funding is no longer available so we cannot provide computers to parents at no cost. These students will have the option to participate in the 1-1 program by purchasing a device or keep the existing Dell computer acknowledging that on November 2nd 2014 the warranty and insurance will expire.

It is expected that all VCE students will have either their Dell computer or one of the Lenovo computers selected from the 1-1 program.
Students in Year 11 & 12 (2015) have several options which have been communicated to students at an assembly end of Term 3, mail-out to parents over the Term 3 school holidays, via parent information evenings and via our website.

The options for Year 11 & 12 students are:
a) Donate your Dell computer to Gleneagles and buy into the 1-1 program. These computers will then be used to repair our existing fleet.

b) Continue to use the Dell computer at Gleneagles until it stops working (note – we will not provide support for hardware issues or accidental damage. We will however still provide software support for these computers.

c) Keep the device at home and use it as a spare or just for fun. Note – it cannot be brought back to school. In order to do this, we will need to reimage the device to enable administrator privileges. The Govt. Microsoft agreement will not allow private devices access to certain software. We will also not be able to provide any tech support. Approx $129 for a Microsoft Home and student disk and a windows operating system disk for approx. $137. If students require a power supply for this computer in case of breakdown they will be able to be purchased at cost price from school ($25 at present)

d) You can participate in the 1:1 program for the remaining 1 or 2 years that the students will be at Gleneagles and retain the device for use afterwards – perhaps Uni. Lenovo can send out a recovery USB which will contain basic Windows operating system and you will also need an Office 365 subscription at about $8 per month if you want Office programs AFTER you have left Gleneagles.

3. What is the school going to do to support teachers using the computer in classes?
All teachers regularly receive professional learning about using ICT effectively to promote student learning. In fact, most of our teachers who have taught at Years 10,11 & 12 where all students had access to a computer for the past 3 years, are already using the technology effectively in classes. Teachers of Year 7,8 & 9 have always had access to netbook trolleys and computer labs to support student learning so the transition to a 1-1 environment for students is the next step for our school.
Teachers will continue to have professional learning in the form of small group coaching, classroom observations, domain level support and whole staff professional learning.

4. What about parents who genuinely can’t afford the device?
We acknowledge that this is a cost for parents. We have cut the number of items to be purchased through the booklist as the device can provide an alternative to some text books.
If you qualify, you could use the Schoolkids Bonus of $800, half of which will be available in January 2015 and the second $400 at mid-year. You can use the payment option and spread the costs over 2015.
In the case of genuine financial hardship, parents can contact the school and speak with either Maxine Foster, (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) or Sue Quinn (Business Manager), to access information on available agency programs – qualification for these programs is likely to require a Health Care Card.
Unfortunately, the school cannot purchase or contribute to the cost of this device for your child.

5. Can I bring my own device (BYOD) or buy a different device from a retailer and use that instead?
No. Gleneagles Secondary College is not in a position to support multiple computer configurations in the form of students bringing their own device from home. Nor can we provide access to all the licensed educational software under this agreement for a device not purchased through the school program.


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