On Wednesday 5th November 2014, Disability Sport and Recreation ran a Wheeltalk awareness program for the classes; Gleneagles Cup, VCE Health and PE and Principals of Sport. The session began with a presentation on the promotion of disability awareness and an explanation of the sports and activities that are available for disabled people to participate in. The presenter was very engaging and gave us an insight into his personal story and what his life is like in a wheelchair. He was extremely inspiring and motivating and emphasised the importance of including sport and physical activity into your life.

The speaker also spoke about awareness of risk taking behaviours and safety; enforcing that students need to be vigilant about their own personal safety in their daily living and the choices they make. After the presentation all students had the opportunity to participate in a game of wheelchair basketball and appreciated the difficultly of it. The Wheeltalk Program reinforced the importance of being grateful for the opportunities we have to be active, fit and healthy.

Ms Evans, Health & PE Co-ordinator

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