Year 7 Excursion, National Gallery of Victoria

On Monday, 13th October, 255 Year 7 students went to the National Gallery of Victoria. It was great. We really enjoyed looking at the ‘Weeping Woman’ because it had an emotional story behind it. We were lucky enough to go on the Golden Carousel, it took 15 minutes to go around once and it was calming and relaxing. We really loved the NGV and would go again with our families. Georgia and Tylah 7J

On Monday 13th October, the whole of Year 7 went to the National Gallery in Melbourne. It was a great experience to see all the historical pieces of art. We saw lots of statues, paintings, sculptures and Japanese artefacts. It was an awesome opportunity and we’d definitely go again.  Jen and Calie 7B

Thank you to all the NGV tour guides, Year 7 students and teachers who ensured we all had a fantastic day.

Ms Davies and Ms Hamilton

Pictured: Year 7I students (in no particular order): Anastasia Adampoulos, Emily Didcock, Josh Bell, Julian Cupido, Sarah Jurrjens, Meliz Karabadjak, Bailey Mather, Sydnee Morris-Tane, Bailey Mustapha, Ivan Ridzal, Jemma Routsis, Isabella Anderson, Quentin Dwyer, Ben Stickland, Riley Mattock, Matthew Kouch, Byron Molloy, Kye Arthurson

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