Start to the School

It was wonderful to welcome back all our students for the start of a new school year. Students spent time with their Home Group Teacher or Mentor, attended a Year level assembly, received their timetables and lockers. By Period 3 all students were settled into class and the education program was underway. Indeed it was the smoothest start to the school year I can recall. This is testament to the team of staff who toiled away to ensure everything was in place for the beginning of the new school year.

I commend the Newsletter to students and staff as it is the best way to stay informed about key dates and important developments at the College. The Newsletter is handed to Year 7-10 students each Friday and is also posted on the VCE App and College website.

I would like to highlight the College’s information technology initiatives for 2015. The College is fortunate to have been selected to participate in the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning Global Partnership. What is the purpose of the partnership? “Students across the globe will be engaged in deeper level learning and provided the skills to be lifelong learners, creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who can successful participate and innovate in our increasingly interconnected world”. This will go hand in hand with our 1:1 Computer Program. There has been significant time, money and energy put into ensuring that our IT infrastructure will support the introduction of 1:1 devices at Year 7 and 10 and optional at Year 11/12.

A new portable has arrived and it will be fully refurbished and ready to use in a few weeks. The timeline for its installation was determined by DET. This portable will provide an additional art space which is needed with our growing art program. It can be found behind C1 and C2 and is called A6.

I would like to welcome the following staff to Gleneagles: –
Duane Balog, Science/Maths
Perng Chao, Chinese/Science
Samuel Clark, English
Beth Cooper, PE/Sport
Jess Lyons, English/EALD
Matthew Searle, Technology
Ann Tuschewski, Science/Maths
Yuriy Verkhatsky, Science/Maths
Sharni Benson, Library Technician


Sue Peddlesden, Adele Duffy, Kathie Toth & Paul Thorne


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