Division Swimming

A group of students from our school competed in the Casey North Division Swimming on Wednesday 11th March 2015 at Doveton pool. The team tried so hard to collect as many points as they could and every swimmer did very well. Our Junior Boys and Senior Girls won the Age Group Championship and over all Gleneagles finished 3rd at Casey North Division Swimming. We didn’t have a big team but it was such a great effort by every swimmer showing great enthusiasm and team spirit. 14 students have made it through to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Swimming on Thursday 26th March 2015. Well done to all the swimmers progressing and good luck!

By Canis Nugroho 9E

swim 1swim 2swim3

Picture 1: Adna Cosic 8H, Ms Peddlesden
Picture 2: Monique Shaw 12MF, Lauren Southall 12MF
Picture 3: Amanda Hickey 9G, Agnes Kristani 8G, Arushi Gupta 8E, Adna Cosic 8H

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