German Language Assistant, Vanessa Bock

German Language Assistant, Vanessa Bock


In 2015 Gleneagles Secondary College in conjunction with Fountain Gate Secondary College has again been successful in acquiring a German Language Assistant as a part of LAP (Language Assistant Program) run through the Department of Education. In previous years many students at Gleneagles have enjoyed having both German and Indonesian Language Assistants in their classrooms as they are able to build confidence, new friendships and cultural and linguistic knowledge through continual interaction with a native speaker.

This year we would like to welcome our new German Language Assistant Vanessa Bock (pictured) . Vanessa comes to Gleneagles having previously spent time studying in America, teaching English in China and is in the later part of her studies in Germany to become a teacher.

Vanessa’s role during her time at Gleneagles will include working with a number of German classes and teachers across all Year levels with a particular focus on the VCE German classes. She will be helping students to develop their cultural knowledge by teaching them about different aspects of her life in Germany as well as importantly working with whole classes, small groups and individual students to provide essential support in different areas such as speaking and listening.

Ms Rooney, LOTE Domain Manager

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