Assistant Principal, Rhonda Greelish

I’m excited about being appointed to the role of Assistant Principal, Student Wellbeing at Gleneagles Secondary College. I have had lots of experience in student wellbeing and management. I am passionate about ensuring that all students are given every opportunity to achieve successful learning outcomes. I grew up the western suburbs of Melbourne and attended Footscray High School. My first teaching position was at Preston Girls’ Secondary College where I spent over 20 years. I held a number of positions of responsibility there but what really shaped my view of teaching was the students I taught who came from all corners of the globe. The rich multicultural mix is what attracted me to Gleneagles Secondary College.

After Preston Girls’ I transferred to Yarra Hills Secondary College as the Campus Assistant Principal. For the first time in my teaching life, I was teaching both boys and girls, which I had to adapt to very quickly but thoroughly enjoyed. I believe my years in the classroom have given me a perspective on what a great school should look like and how students, teachers and parents can work together to help students achieve their academic potential. I look forward to getting to know more students over the Term and working with our families.

Rhonda Greelish, Assistant Principal

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