Year 10 Global Studies Excursion


On Wednesday, 6th May 2015 students from the Year 10 Global Studies class took part in a Model United Nations Workshop where they were given the opportunity to adopt and act as a Member State of the UN Security Council. Instructors from the UN Youth organisation in Victoria facilitated the event and provided students with information regarding the purpose and operations of the United Nations. Students were given a range of engaging resolutions dealing with contemporary issues on the matter of international peace and security.

Following the rules and procedures of the United Nations the students simulated their own version of the Security Council and engaged in a meaningful debate where they discussed and put forward suggestions to resolve the Israeli-Palestine conflict on behalf of their member states. In Term 3 students from Year 9-12 will be offered the opportunity to take part in the Evatt Competition where students compete in a United Nations Security Council diplomacy competition across the state. If you would like further information about the competition please speak to Ms. Furfaro.

Ms Furfaro English/Humanities/Debating

Pictured: Lisa Li 10F, Jessica Rodrigues 10E

y10 global studies

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