ANZAC Commemorations


The Hon. Anthony Byrne MP, Federal Member for Holt, recently planted a Lone Pine seedling at Gleneagles College. This seedling comes from one of the cones brought back to Australia, from the original tree on the Gallipoli Peninsula, by the soldiers who served there. Mr. Byrne said he was honoured to plant a Lone Pine, alongside students, as part of the Anzac Centenary Commemorations. In his 13 years as a politician, this was only the second tree he had ever planted. They are presented to schools as living war memorials symbolising courage and sacrifice of our soldiers.

The school also remembered those who fought in WW1 with another unique commemoration. Students held 40 balloons. Each balloon represented 10,000 soldiers. 6 black balloons were released and they represented those who died. 22 red balloons represented those who were injured and 12 white balloons represented those who returned home. An evocative way of bringing to life the sobering statistics of the war.

Picture 1: The Hon. Anthony Byrne, MP, Federal Member for Holt, with horticulture students Jasmine Prato 9D, Doost Nazari 9C.        Picture 2: Doost Nazari 9C, Mrs Duffy, Jasmine Prato 9D

Anthony Byrne

Tree Planting ADU crop

Lynne Moller, Library Co-ordinator

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