HPV Race Report



The first race for the Year 9 HPV Elective was held on Sunday 26th April 2015 at Knox Basketball stadium and the surrounding car park. Students had to arrive at 8.00am for a six hour race commencing at 10.00am. The morning was cold and wet and stayed this way for most of the day. Jarred was our first driver and after a very slow rolling start the race began and Jarred was clipped around the first corner and as a result he rolled on the first corner of the first lap! After being sent to pit lane we were off again and the race really began.  All of our drivers were keen to get into the car and after a solid six  hours of racing we managed to cover a massive 107kms, we only crashed twice while other cars struggled in the wet conditions and rolled a number of times.  A massive congratulations to the Gleneagles team our overall result of about 30th was a pleasing outcome however our next race we will be aiming much higher.   We would like to thank our local sponsors Polans Truck Refinishers and AXT Turbo, without their help we would not be able to run this program to its full potential.

Mr Bowen, Year 8 Team Leader, PE/Science

Pictured:   Jared Hastie-Gurnie 9D, Michael Lantos 9A



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