Sports Report

I would like to congratulate all students who have enthusiastically participated in inter-school sporting teams this year. In particular I would like to acknowledge the following teams who were titled Casey North Champions and went on to compete in the Southern Metropolitan Region Finals in Term 2.

Year 7 Girls Tennis
• Year 7 Boys Tennis
• Year 8 Girls Tennis
• Senior Boys Tennis
• Year 8 Girls Softball
• Year 8 Boys Baseball
• Intermediate Boys Baseball

I  would like to wish the 32 teams who will be participating in winter sports this Term the best of luck. I encourage all students to continue to sign up and try-out for all inter school sports as it is a fantastic opportunity to represent the College within the Casey North Division. Gleneagles students are always demonstrating excellent sportsmanship, team work and positive participation which is reflected in our sporting success. Thank you to all the teachers who have given up their time to train and coach teams.

Ms Evans, Sport Co-ordinator



Junior girls Football team cropped











In no particular order:
Payton Tucker 8D; Jeylan Cayhan 8F; Shaneece Stratton 8K; Chloe Gilland 8F; Adna Cosic 8H; Seda Aycicek 8F; Emily Didcock 8I; Katlynn Bader 8B; Ella Johnston 9M; Holly-May Little 9M; Resalene Lavaka 9F; Andrea Otero 9F; Emily Dilorenh 9F; Brynlee Kilpatrick 9K; Shadae Stewart 9K; Teresa Pokino 9K; Sharni Conroy 7I; Alex Bradley 7G; Oceana Perry 9I; Hlaema Ali 8D

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