Casey North Division Cross Country

cross couuntryIt takes more than just an average person to be a cross country runner. Cross country requires a resilient athlete who can endure 20 minutes of continuous pain, resist against the wind and force each and every step to edge out competitors to the finish line. When you ask a runner, the process of cross country is not pleasurable, but the real reward comes after the success of completing such a tireless activity.

Gleneagles was extremely fortunate to have over 50 of these courageous students. These were some of the best cross country runners in the school who raised their hand to compete against other schools in the Casey North Division on Thursday, 28th May 2015.  Although it was a sunny day, the students had to complete a 3 or 5km track of Akoonah Park, encountering uneven muddy grasslands, sloped surfaces and narrow but rather scenic bridges.

Everyone who participated put in their best effort and should be commended for completing such a vigorous run. We need to be aware that it is not a simple activity, no average teenager would simply choose to run 5km for fun. Yet there were a handful of students who placed in the top 10, qualifying for the next round. Congratulations to all the students for a brilliant day and good luck to those proceeding to the Southern Metropolitan Championships!

By Canis Nugroho, Deputy Sports Captain, 9E

Cross Country Canis

Pictured: Bashir Ali Zadah 8M, Nick Ally 10H

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