Year 7 Recognition Awards

During a Year 7 Assembly recently, two Year 7 students from each Homegroup were awarded recognition and presented with certificates from Assistant Principal Ms Greelish.  Students were awarded on their outstanding efforts, enthusiasm, positive attitude and ability to work hard particularly over the last semester. Congratulations to the following students who received recognition:

7A: Brett Millward,  Mahdiya Hosseinian
7B: Michael Chrisafis, Rhiannon Doe
7C: Hayley Redpath, Nilaab Alkozai
7D: Brenton Potter, Jessica Stone
7E: Josh Davis, Resi Santosa
7F: Sophie Morrison, Louis Young
7G: Anya Liu, Daniel Khorani
7H: Hayley Rogerson, Anna Gardonyi
7I: Dilhan Simsek, Daniica Cizmek
7J: Michael Giousmas, Bethany Parker
7K: Keenan Ferguson, Ryan Hancock
7L: Kendall Laney, Cody Sharp

Congratulations to all Year 7 students on a fantastic start to the year!

Ms Chatfield, Mr Neal & Mr Evans, Year 7 Team Leaders

Y7 #3


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