Multicultural Friendship Chair

Student Voice is a program run by Gleneagles Secondary College which provides students with the unique opportunity to voice their opinions and represent the student body of Gleneagles. It allows students across all year levels to contribute, influence and implement change within the school community. Students Voice helps build confidence and valuable leadership opportunities for students. Over the past two years we have been working on creating the multicultural friendship chair, which is now in its final stages of completion. We wanted to represent the many different cultures at the school and embrace diversity. We feel like this is an important project to raise awareness about the need for tolerance and understanding within our school community. This project aims to bring the students and wider community together in a fun and collaborative way.

You may have noticed this new addition to our school, the first of its kind, located near the middle school team leader’s office. This multicultural friendship chair began in 2014 and the continuation of this project to Student Voice 2015 has seen this project progress even further. We acquired all necessary skills and knowledge from various members of our community including artists, tradesmen and staff at Gleneagles, with particular thanks to Lesley Donnellon, Alan Lesich, Bunnings Fountain Gate and Frank Walker at National Tiles. Tiling of the newly built chair will be underway in Term 3, where all students are encouraged to come along and assist at lunchtimes (specific dates will be announced in the daily bulletin). Parents will also be invited to assist if they wish.

Together the students of Gleneagles Secondary College can create a beautifully mosaic piece of furniture: A multicultural friendship chair symbolic of all our different and unique cultures represented at our school. All students are encouraged to take part and participate in this special project led by our Student Voice team. All members of the community will be invited to the launch once it is completed.

Article by Lisa Li and Jessica Rodrigues, Members of Student Voice 2015













Pictured: Vibhu, Maebelle, Gillian, Danielle, Carolina, Josh, Lisa, Jessica, Aarifa, Aleena

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