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It’s been an exciting time in Performing Arts at Gleneagles in Term 3! On Thursday 10th September 2015, 30 students from Years 7-12 participated in the Casey Schools on Stage competition, a rock eisteddfod style musical competition against surrounding schools in the City of Casey. We performed two numbers from the popular musical ‘The Lion King’: Shadowland and Hakuna Matata. As a special addition this year, we were invited to perform the opening number ‘Footloose’ with the host Tim Campbell from Home and Away fame. We had been rehearsing every Thursday after school and many lunchtimes, as well as a special performance for the teachers, in preparation for the performance. A big thanks to Ms Reynolds and Ms Thornburn for all their effort with the vocal and music part of the performance.

All the students hard work paid off as the performances were entertaining and enjoyed by the audience and we came away winning ‘Best Song’ Award on the night for our singing, movement and presence on stage in Shadowland! The cast members should be commended on their talent, effort leading up to the event and the enthusiastic and professional way they represented Gleneagles. Drama students from Years 7-10 also had the opportunity to be involved in a Theatre Sports competition held at Epping Secondary College earlier this Term. Theatre Sports are a series of drama improvisation games played in a team to win points. The students had a fantastic day competing against the students from Epping Secondary and came away as the Theatre Sports Champions of 2015! All students displayed great team work, confidence and creative improvisation skills. Now our challenge is to host the next Theatre Sports competition at our school. An event which the students are very excited about organising and running themselves.

A big thanks to all the teachers involved, as well as the parents who have supported their children to get involved in the Performing Arts events at Gleneagles.

Ms Thompson & Ms Wilson, Drama TeachersTheatre Sports

Pictured L-R:  Nilaab, Tooba, Shaqayeg, Annabelle, Josh, Ben, Xenia, Hannah, Etana, Claire, Guillaume, Jordan, Brianna, Regan,  Jamie, Cooper, Jacob, Brenton, Dianna


Teachers/Students L-R:   Adele Duffy, Sue Peddlesden, Sharni Benson, Angela, Ashlea Thompson, Rhiannon, Samantha Baryla, Luke, Xenia, Teak, Montanah, Blake, Blake, Hannah, Jordan, Monique, Claire, Niya, Brenton, Guillaume, Hayley, Sruthi, Quentin, Thomas, Yuvani, Jasmine, Briana, Etana, Brianna, Josh, Zane, Ben, Lizzy, Vivian, Julia, Alishbah, Kirsty Wilson, Sarah Reynolds & Danielle Thornburn

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