Emergency Management Procedures

The College has extensive protocols in place in the event of any emergency situation. These include evacuations and lock down/shelter in place procedures. These are fully documented (47 pages!) and are submitted to the Department of Education. All staff have a copy of the relevant pages and it is part of our induction process for new staff.

In the media this week there has been a lot of commentary on numerous hoax calls made to schools. It is important to note that at no time were any students in danger. None the less, each school calmly implemented their emergency procedures that included notifying the police and DET.

I would ask parents to trust that the school can handle an incident appropriately and refrain from calling or coming to the school. To do so, just risks pulling staff from their allocated duties under the College plan. You will be contacted by the school if we need you to collect your child.

As part of our emergency protocols we hold practice drills. This is to ensure staff and students would be able to calmly and appropriately implement the College plan. We will hold a drill this Term. When we hold a drill a banner will notify parents via the College webpage once the drill has commenced.

Clearly, for the drill to be effective it must simulate an event and this precludes forewarning the school community. It is inappropriate for your child to text you or post to social media about any evacuation or lock down/shelter in place event as they simply will not know whether it is just a drill. They could raise tension in the community unnecessarily.

As Principal, my highest priority is the safety of all students and staff. Trust us!


Sue Peddlesden

College Principal

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