School Photos

School photos were taken on Tuesday 23rd February 2016. After having their photos taken, students were given a docket with their name, barcode and log on code. Photos are available for viewing from Monday, 29th February 2016 by accessing the website and using the docket details:-

By ordering photos on-line you have the flexibility and lots of choice: –

– Preview images – more than one photo was taken!
– You can choose which image is printed in your pack.
– Choose different group layouts.
– You can choose set packs or make a unique pack from components.
– Choose from many designs.
– Incorporate different designs into your pack.
– Create packs to suit your budget.
– Pay for all children together the easy way.

A catch up photo day is scheduled for Tuesday 1st March 2016 for students who were absent. Students will be notified by email on Compass when to go to the Wellbeing Conference Room to be photographed. When the photographs are available for collection we will advise parents of the details via the Newsletter and website.

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