Multicultural Friendship Chair


Commissioner Sam Almaliki, from the Victorian Multicultural Commission, officiated at the formal unveiling of the Multicultural Chair at Gleneagles on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016.

The focus of the event was about embracing multiculturalism and diversity. It represented the students and their culture at the school in a creative, useable and interactive piece of art which represents approximately 65 different cultures at the college.

Student Leaders emceed the event and delivered speeches about their involvement in the creation of the mosaic Friendship Chair. The event commenced with a Welcome to Country Smoke Ceremony, followed by speeches by the Principal Sue Peddlesden, Commissioner Sam Almaliki and Student Leaders.  Certificates of Appreciation were presented to Commissioner Almaliki, Lesley Donnellon, the artist in residence, and the  Gleneagles PFA.  Our sponsors Frank Walker from National Tiles, Bunnings Fountain Gate, Masters and Tuff Turf will also receive a Certificate of Appreciation.

Commissioner Amaliki officiated in the Cutting of the Ribbon Ceremony and even the howling wind and rain wasn’t enough to dampen the atmosphere at the ceremony. Gleneagles students Sabrina and Resalene Lavaka, from Year 10 and 12,  performed a cultural dance before the ceremony concluded.  Afternoon Tea in the library  was provided by the PFA.

In 2014/2015 the Student Voice team at Gleneagles College (comprising representatives of students from Years 7-12) wanted to create a piece of art in the school that represented the “voice of the students”. The Multicultural Friendship Chair became an important project, raising an awareness about the need for tolerance and understanding within the school community.  The aim of the project was to bring the students and wider community together in a fun and collaborative way whilst educating one another on all the different cultures at the school and thus preventing misunderstandings and bullying.


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