German Day Out – Year 10 and 11 Students

On Wednesday 27th July 2016, students in Years 10 and 11  hopped on the train and made their way to the city for the German Day Out.  On arrival, we made our way to the Melbourne Town Hall where we sat in a conference with students from all around Victoria who are also learning German, where we learnt about all the different opportunities that learning German can give us, and all the pathways we can go down by knowing another language. It was an insightful and interesting experience, as we were not only spoken to in English, but in German as well. We learnt about the German language, culture and mostly all of the opportunities open to us as German students.

After the conference, we walked back to Federation Square and ACMI studios, where we were fortunate enough to watch a great German film called Mara the Fire-Bringer (with English sub-titles of course). It was a fantastic film which everyone enjoyed.  The whole day was a blast and we wish to thank the German teachers for organising such a fun event which has opened our eyes to a whole world of possibilities. Vielen Dank!

 Article  by Megan Crisp 10H, Ashlee Crisp 11F


Pictured: (names of students in no particular order) Ashlee, David, Aleksandra,  Katarina, Jovana, Rhianne, Billy, Chantelle, Jessica, Courtney, Vanessa, Noora, Jack, Megan, Farah, Hannah, James, Sophia, Alisa, Cara, Alicia, Mohadesa, Kamo, Aysha, Amy, Elena

German Day Out July 2016



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