Book Week

Last week was Book Week in the Library. The theme for this year was Australia! Story Country.  Each lunch time there were activities based on the theme of storytelling, these included author presentations, a family history talk, a trivia contest, and a Campfire Storytime with selected teachers.  On Monday we had David Astle, author of 15 books about puzzles and the English language. David is a self-proclaimed word nerd who writes the puzzles for The Age and The Sydney Sunday Herald newspapers. He also starred on the SBS show Letters and Numbers.  There was a great turnout for this, with the students and teachers enjoying fun activities to test their knowledge of the English language.

Wednesday featured the author of the award-winning novel,  made into a film, The Dressmaker, Rosalie Ham. Rosalie regaled us with stories of growing up in a country town, the setting that inspired her story, and working on set as an extra to her own movie.  The Campfire Storytime was a big hit on Thursday. A volunteer in the library had used her artistic skills to create an artificial fire for the students and teachers to sit around, eating marshmallows on sticks.  Several teachers told stories to the enraptured listeners, while Media Teacher, Mr Young utilised his own method of storytelling and showed a short film shot entirely on a phone in the streets of Melbourne and New York.  Overall Book Week was well received by the students and school community and it was great to see some new faces.  We look forward to adventuring further abroad with next year’s theme.

Ms Benson, Library Technician

Picture 1: Ms Ivory, Ms Mendoza, David Astle, Michael 8E, Amogh 8E

Picture 2: Rosalie Ham and Casey, Year 12

author David Astle


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