Year 10 Excursion, Jewish Holocaust Centre


As part of their History studies in Humanities the Year 10 students participated in an excursion to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick in September 2016. The students attended a presentation on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Following this, Holocaust survivors gave a testimony of their personal histories and students had the opportunity to ask questions and share in a discussion with the survivors.  Students also had a guided tour of the Holocaust Centre where they gained more in depth knowledge about the Holocaust, particularly about those who were affected. The excursion was highly insightful for all students involved and illustrated how racism, hatred and prejudice can be combated by fostering tolerance and understanding.

Student Testimonials from the excursion are below: –

“Going to The Jewish Holocaust Centre was intense. All the people who worked there and the survivors who spoke to us really help you understand what the holocaust was like. If there was one thing to take away from the whole experience is would be that there is no such thing as race, we are all human beings and we are all equal.”  Kate

“Whoever saves a single life saves the whole world” – “The Jewish Holocaust Centre served as a place of remembrance, suffering and hope. David Prince was one of the survivors during the Holocaust. His story of Poland being invaded, being forced into the ghetto, then transferred into a concentration camp and even losing his mother in seconds touched many hearts and souls. The fact that we will be the last generation to hear a firsthand story from a survivor will always be remembered and cherished.” 


Picture 1: Jack, Danielle, John Paul with Holocaust Survivor David
Picture 2: Jessica, Ebony with Holocaust Survivors Joe and Abe 









Ms Furfaro, Humanities 9-10/English Teacher


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