Year 8 Excursion


On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th  September 2016, Year 8 students participated in an excursion to Melbourne Zoo. The students were provided with an opportunity to explore the many animal species from Australia and around the world.   For the Humanities students, the focus of the day was on rainforests and conservation. Students were able to see the important role the zoo plays in promoting conservation and raising awareness about human impacts on the environment. Students observed the gorilla rainforest and the orang-utans enclosure, which had an educational exhibit on palm oil. Students will be completing a research report in Term 4 based on their field work observations at the zoo and the work we have been doing in class.

For Indonesian LOTE students, the aim was to expose students to animals in the South-East Asian section. Students were able to compare species found in Indonesia to those in Australia and were encouraged to take photos of all animals to use in completing a set task of choice.  For German LOTE students, the focus was on photographing and collecting information about five animals that live in the Melbourne Zoo. The photographs will be used to illustrate a Kinderbuch (children’s book) with the students describing the animals and their habitats in German.  For Chinese, students took photos of animals at the Melbourne Zoo and then chose 12 animals to write about in Chinese, expressing their degree of likeness for each animal and using the photos to support their writing. Overall it was an enjoyable and informative day.

Pictured: Year 8 students Stellar, Monique, Ryan and Valente


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