Science Talent Search Winners


Students at Gleneagles took out 10 Bursary Awards at the Science Talent Search Awards in 2016, our highest number yet.  Meena Waziri 8C, Tirtani Santosa 7E,  Neha Kaur 7E and Zacki Rizwan 7E, won major Bursary Awards and medals for their creative writing pieces and scientific wallchart in Zacki’s case.  They attended an Exhibition Day at Latrobe University in Bundoora on Monday 24th October 2016 and received their medals at a number of awards ceremonies held on the day.

Other students achieved a minor Bursary Award: Keisha Nathan 7E, Lily Lunder 7E, Emily Ilic 9E, Rachel MasQuiren 9E, Xuan Vu 9E and Celeste Roy 9E.  Gleneagles received a Special Schools Award and a cheque for recognising the high quality of entries submitted over the breadth of sections in the competition, The Hugh McKnight Encouragement Award.  Julie Mullins received the Award at the opening ceremony as the Science Talent Search Co-ordinator at Gleneagles.  These awards show the creativity of our students and a keen interest in science topics such as robots and droids.  Next year’s theme is “Future Earth” and we look forward to many of our students entering in 2017.

Pic 1: Emily, Xuan, Rachel, 9E students         

Pic 2: Keisha, Tirani,  7E students

Pic 3: Ms Mullins with the award amongst other award winning schools




Ms  Mullins, Science Domain Leader 9 & 10 


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