Council Membership 2017/18

Current Council Members


Sue Peddlesden (Executive Officer)


Parent Representatives (5):

Paul Newton        Term ends March 2019       President

Keetha Rajavel    Term ends March 2019

Mr Brett Webb    Term ends March 2018

Ms Vicki Dikolli   Term ends March 2018       Vice President

Ms Narell Down   Term ends March 2019

Community Representatives (3) co-opted by Council annually

Ms Judy Martin   Term ends March 2018

College Captain   Term ends March 2018

Other DEECD Employee Member (3)

Mr Nick Evans                    Term ends March 2019

Ms Tammy Van Rossum  Term ends March 2018

Mr Robert Young               Term ends March 2018


Hayden’s Story – Digital Media Centre/Multimedia

As a Year 11 student, I have studied Media since Year 9 and plan to continue in Year 12. I was part of a student team that produced ‘Bollywood Zombies,’ our major film production in 2010. I learned about the full process of creating a film, from pre-production to post-production. During the year, we produce short films for competitions such as the ACMI annual ‘Screen It!’ film contest. I have begun planning for my major short film project I will be entering in next year’s ACMI ‘VCE Season of Excellence Top Screen’ contest. I have used industry-standard equipment to produce high-quality photographs, films and podcasts – just like the professionals! I have a passion for the media industry and hope to get a career in film, television and/or radio.

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