Council Membership 2017/18

Current Council Members


Sue Peddlesden (Executive Officer)


Parent Representatives (5):

Paul Newton        Term ends March 2019       President

Keetha Rajavel    Term ends March 2019

Mr Brett Webb    Term ends March 2018

Ms Vicki Dikolli   Term ends March 2018       Vice President

Ms Narell Down   Term ends March 2019

Community Representatives (3) co-opted by Council annually

Ms Judy Martin   Term ends March 2018

College Captain   Term ends March 2018

Other DEECD Employee Member (3)

Mr Nick Evans                    Term ends March 2019

Ms Tammy Van Rossum  Term ends March 2018

Mr Robert Young               Term ends March 2018


Natasha’s Story – Student Voice

The Student Voice Committee allows groups of students to work towards positive changes while representing the entire student body. Being involved in this program was an exciting way for me to begin my year and has presented me with a variety of learning experiences. The Student Voice selection process enables applicants to gain confidence whilst completing an interview. My participation has benefited my group work and public speaking. I now have the chance to gather feedback from other students and bring forth their opinions to the Student Voice Committee. As a member, I also had the opportunity to become a junior school captain. After putting the speech writing skills I learned in the committee to the test, I was fortunate enough to be elected. I’m proud to be a leader of the junior school and especially pleased to be gaining valuable life skills. Being a leader has made my time at Gleneagles challenging, interesting and rewarding.

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