Parental Involvement

Parent Involvement

Gleneagles seeks to form a strong partnership between the school and home. Our school is proud of the strong history of parent involvement in all facets of school life.  We are grateful for the input parents, from many diverse backgrounds, have had in the development of the College.  Here are just some of the ways parents have become involved in life at Gleneagles!

School Council

Parents are active and important members of the College School Council. They have input into the development of polices and the overall management of the school.  Elections are held annually for parent members and are advertised in the newsletter at the appropriate time.  Please click on the GSC Council tab for more information.

Parents and Friends Association

The Gleneagles PFA connects Parents into the School Community.  This is a great way of gaining insight into school life and making sense of who’s who and what’s happening without being in the classroom.  Your association with the school will be different from primary school, but is just as important – valuing your skills, ideas or simply your thoughts.  Friendships are formed and great projects are conceived and carried through.  Being connected flows onto our children and others too. We could all be involved somehow.  Imagine that!  Everyone’s invited.  Come and see.   We meet once a month and as needed,  about 7.00pm.

Homework Club

Gleneagles is fortunate to have been successful in obtaining a grant from the Migrant Resource Centre for tutors to work with our students after school. On the strength of this, our program has continued to grow and now sees an average of 100 students attending Homework club each week! Staff and parents volunteer their time to assist and tutor students from Year 7-12 at Homework Club on Thursday from 3pm. Parents don’t need any formal qualifications – just a willingness and interest in supporting young people with their studies. They’ll also need to hold a current Working with Children card.

Sport, Library and School Activities

Many parents volunteer their time at the library, covering books, cataloguing, simple data entry and any number of tasks they feel comfortable doing. It is a very friendly and supportive environment that welcomes all parents.

Some of our parents have used this as a way of practising their English so it has been useful for both parties. Other parents have come in regularly to listen to students read. Please contact Lynne Moller if you would like to find out more about being a helper in the library.

Many parents who have an interest in sport have volunteered their time to train or transport students to different sporting events.

For further information about any of these opportunities please contact the College.

Alyssa’s Story – Book Club

Book Club has given me a great chance to express my thoughts and opinions of the books I read. It has given me a great opportunity to read more, learn about new books and provided me with a wider range of books to read. In Book Club we go on excursions, such as going to the city to meet authors, which also gives us a chance to buy new books. A current event in Book Club is the ‘Reader’s Cup’ which is where we compete against other teams at a quiz night, answering questions about certain books we have read. Then we present our findings of the books in any creative way we like. An upcoming event will be a visit to the cinemas to watch a film related to a book the majority of us have read. This club has really helped me with my reading and choices of books to read. I am having a great time in Book Club and enjoy attending our weekly meetings.

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