VCE Mentors 2018

ADU Adele Duffy
APA Adam Parker
ASW Ariella Sweet
BSI Balbir Singh
CAE Elise Cassar
CBI Craig Binge
CDA Colette Davis
CRU Candice Russell
DFA Donna Farrell
ECA Emmanuel Camilleri
FUI Illanna Furfaro
GMA Gordon Marshall
JKI Jess Kinnersley
JTI Jo Tippett
KTO Kathie Toth
KWE Kobey Weir
LLI Leokardia Lilikakis
MAJ Jess Mason
NEM Meagan Neil
NEV Nick Evans
PAA Adrian Parker
RYO Rob Young
SAB Susan Abraham
SKE Sean Kelly
SPA Shane Papatolicas
SRE Sarah Reynolds
TLI Tim Li
ZSA Zorah Salehi

Aydon and Darnell’s Story – Robotics

We have studied Robotics for a semester and have really been enjoying it. In doing this subject we have learned how to create and program robots to accomplish set challenges. We’ve managed to complete an obstacle course for our robot to complete without any instructions. In addition, we’ve done a PowerPoint project outlining the concept of what a robot is and how it’s affected society.

We are glad to have participated in this elective subject as it will help us in our future if we are later interested in an occupation that requires robotic and computer technological skills. This subject is useful to us as it has given us an outlook on how important robots and technology are now and how they will benefit us in the future.

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