Wellbeing Team

Gleneagles Secondary College has highly experienced and qualified staff who support the wellbeing of our students.

Wellbeing Manager Colette Davis
Social Worker Melanie Yoffa
Adolescent Health Nurse Ann Marsh
Speech Pathologist Natalie Beebe

This team is supplemented by clinicians from the Education Department including Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech and Occupational Therapists, on a needs/referral basis.

Programs are provided to support parents and students in how to use information technology safely.  Regular presentations are given to our community and covers topics such as how to use facebook safely, the law as it applies to the internet, what to do if you are receiving unwanted communications, how to make reports to the provider, etc.

Gleneagles has a strong anti-bullying and anti-harassment program that includes formal education sessions for each year level and covers topics such as what to do if you are being bullied, the difference between being aggressive, assertive and passive, how to resolve conflict appropriately, racism, etc.

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