Course Counselling

At the end of Year 10 students have much more flexibility and scope when it comes to choosing further studies at Year 11 and 12. To make an informed decision students and parents need to know what’s available, understand what the options are and most importantly have a good insight into what their child is good at and what they like.

To assist and prepare students and families for this process Gleneagles provides a comprehensive range of supports to ensure each student makes the best decision possible. Year 10 students attend the VCE and Careers Expo in May to start their exploration of tertiary courses and careers and during Special Programs Week, learn about the difference between VCAL and the VCE and explore University and TAFE campuses. Students also complete an on-line Career Action Plan and prepare a Career Portfolio which includes their safe@work certificates, Work experience documents and resume.

In July each year, parents and students attend Senior Programs Information Night where the Alliance of schools, VCE, VCAL and VET and the online course selection program is explained in detail. Parents receive a Course counselling handbook, Parent information booklet and other relevant materials.

Students select their year 11 subjects using an online course selection program after participate in Taster activities during Special Programs week, designed to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to help them make the right choices. They are also encouraged to make an individual appointment with our Career counsellors to check pre-requisites for University courses and discuss their career interests in more detail.

This process concludes with an individual Course confirmation interview held between parent, student and a teacher who knows them well, where the final decision regarding their program is made.

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