Principal’s Bulletin September 15th, 2017

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It contains articles on:

  • Synthetic soccer pitch
  • Thunderstorm asthama preparedness
  • Casey Schools on Stage Competition
  • Report from the German Exchange
  • Year 10 Humanities excursion
  • English classes for parents

and the latest calendar

15th September 2017

College Newsletter September 8th, 2017

Newsletter – September 7 2017 can be opened from this link

It contains articles on

  • Parent teacher interviews  12/9/17  Bookings can be made until 5.00p.m. 11/9/17
  • Access Monash Champions
  • Australian High School Cancer Challenge
  • Intermediated Boys and Girls Basketball
  • Presentation Ball
  • Junior School News
    • Junior school lunchtime programs
    • Art excursion
    • Late work reminder
    • Compass communication
    • Year 8 Camp
    • Year 8 recognition of success
  • Book Week report
  • Bendigo EEV HPV Grand Prix

and the latest Calendar

Community News

  • Little Athletics
  • Multicultural Food, Wine and Music Festival
8th September 2017

Principal’s Bulletin 1 September, 2017

Click on this link to open the Principal’s Bulletin 1 September 2017

The Principal Bulletin contains information on:

  • Yard Update
  • Parent Teacher Interviews
  • Book Week
  • Music News and Variety Night images
  • Calendar
1st September 2017

Gleneagles Career Website
















Our new, comprehensive website aims to provide students with all the latest information to assist them in making important decisions about their future career and life beyond school. Students and parents can use this site to:

Locate and Research University/TAFE Courses Throughout Australia;  Search For Information About Career Pathways And Future Job Prospects; Apply For A Tax File Number; Complete Workplace Safety Activities And Certificates; Discover More About Work Experience, Local Job Opportunities; Much More!

Chris Wood, Careers Co-ordinator

Catherine Oldham, Careers Assistant 








19th December 2016

Compass Update


The College has recently reviewed our current Compass practices and we have identified some issues with attendance approval.  As a way of streamlining this process, it has been necessary to remove the Parent Approval (for student absences) function from Compass.   As an alternative, we now have an attendance email address for parents  to send through notification of student absence. The email address is:
Parents are still welcome to call the school to report absences on Tel 9708 1319. When requesting school work for extended absences, parents can still email teachers directly through Compass.


In 2017 parents will be able to pay for and give consent for all school excursions. The first step towards online excursion consent will start with our major College Sports events.


Permission forms for the three main Sports Carnivals will be available for parent approval on Compass as of Monday 30th January, 2017.  Carnival dates below: –

  • Swimming 6th March 2017
  • Cross Country 31st March 2017
  • Athletics 28th April 2017

If you have not yet logged onto Compass, please do so as soon as possible.  If you have forgotten your logon and password details (or you need your password reset), please contact the College on 9708 1319.

Karen Sykes, Communication Manager

9th December 2016

German Exchange Program


As a part of the German Exchange Program taking place in 2017 students from Gleneagles Secondary College and Fountain Gate Secondary College were invited to attend a social day on Sunday 27th November 2016. Students attended the German Film Festival at the Palace Como Cinemas in South Yarra to watch the children’s movie Heidi and get to know one another and the participating teachers. The movie is based on a well-known Swiss children’s book which details events in the life of the young Heidi who goes to live with her grandfather in the Swiss Alps.

Students from both schools had a great morning getting to know one another whilst also practicing and developing their German language skills and learning about German and Swiss culture.  They are all looking increasingly forward to the visit of their German Exchange partners at the end of Term 1 followed by their own visit to Germany in Term 3, 2017.

Pictured: Jack, Alisa, Amy, Hannah, Gabi, Katelyn, with students from Fountain Gate Secondary College











Ms Rooney, Language Co-ordinator/German



9th December 2016

Year 12 Graduation


On Wednesday 19th October 2016, the Year 12 Graduation Dinner was  held at Sandown Racecourse in Springvale. This was a very  enjoyable evening  where members of the 2016 Year 12 cohort were formally recognised.  Congratulations to the Year 12 students on the culmination of six years of secondary schooling.  We wish to acknowledge the support that has been ongoing from the Senior School Team led by Matt Neal  (Head of Senior School), Sean Leith (Year 12 Team Leader), the VCE teachers and indeed all the teachers who have taught these students throughout their time at Gleneagles.

Parents and families should also be recognised for their support and encouragement.  We wish our Year 12 students all the best for the November examination period.  Whilst some students have already undertaken LOTE Oral and written examinations, the majority of our students will begin the examination period with the English and EAL paper on Wednesday, 26th October 2016.

21st October 2016

Tall Poppies Program


Noora Chatrary, Canis Nugroho, Fatima Mozaffari and Xenia Sanut from 10E have nominated themselves to be part of the Growing Tall Poppies Program at La Trobe University, Bundoora. The project runs from 12th to 14th December 2016 where students work for three days with a range of scientists and mentors looking at some of the physics behind a chosen topic. Activities take place over three days at La Trobe University where they will get the chance to use some of the lab spaces and talk to scientific researchers and postgraduate students about what they do. There will be a chance to tour the high-tech facilities on campus and they will prepare a poster and presentation about their project to present on the final day.  Students will be working with researchers in one of the following fields:-



The Australian Synchrotron is an electron accelerator the size of the MCG. It uses electricity to produce intense beams of light a million times brighter than the sun. Scientists use this high energy radiation in a number of ways at various experimental workstations, with applications ranging from medical imaging to looking at artwork to investigating the structure of materials. As part of the Synchrotron Science Growing Tall Poppies Project they will work with mentors and learn how the synchrotron and x-rays can be used to see inside molecules and work out their atomic structure using a technique called x-ray crystallography.

This is the same technique that was used to find the double-helix structure of DNA. They will grow their own crystals and learn about the synchrotron and take a virtual tour of the MX beamlines. They will then learn how to use an x-ray generator to get experimental data from the crystals. Finally, they will see how this data is used to create a model of the atomic structure of the protein the crystals were made from.



There are lots of places that we as humans want to go, but physically can’t, whether it’s due to distance (space), pressure (bottom of the ocean) or safety reasons (quarantine zones). The usual solution to this problem is some form of robot – we send the robot where we can’t go ourselves. These robots take various different shapes and forms depending on the task at hand. As technology gets better and the internet gets faster, interesting avenues of robotics open up such as remote surgery.  As part of the Astronomy, miniaturisation and Medicine Growing Tall Poppies Project they will work with mentors to build and program robots using Lego Mindstorms EV3. These robots are analogues of the rovers used on Mars, and they will explore how they are controlled, and used to investigate the planet.

Ms Mullins, SEAL Manager, 9-10 Science Teacher   


14th October 2016

SALT 2017


Student Activities and Leadership Team 2017 applications opened on Friday 7th October 2016 and closed on Friday 14th October 2016 at 3.00pm.  SALT Application forms are located on the College website, Quicklinks on the Homepage and also on Student Compass. Interviews will be conducted later this month and early in November. The Student Activities and Leadership roles for 2017 will be announced at the Presentation Night on Monday, 12th December 2016.

One Application Form: Students can apply for more than one SALT role for 2017.  Only one Application form needs to be submitted by email to Ms Merryn Molloy, simply write on the Application form the SALT positions you are applying for, in preference order.  Students can only hold one SALT 2017 role.

House Captains and  Deputy Captains for 2017: Applications for these roles also closed on Friday 14th October 2016 at 3.00pm.  Students in Year 7, 2017 will be able to apply for Deputy House Captain 2017 roles in Term 1, Week 3, 2017.

Teacher Reference:  Students only need to submit one  Teacher Reference with their Application.  Students can submit more than one Teacher Reference with their Application. Students will need to add the name of the Teacher they have asked to be their Teacher Reference to Application form, no further action required by the student.  The Teachers will send the Reference Form by email directly to Merryn Molloy (not by the students).

Below are the details regarding the application process.

SALT 2017 Documents:

Application Checklist  click here

House Captain/Deputy Captain Checklist  click here

Role Descriptions click here

Application Form click here

Teacher Reference click here

If students have any questions, kindly see Ms Merryn Molloy  at the College before school, during recess or lunch time.

Tel 9708 1319




10th October 2016

Parent Teacher Interviews




Online Booking:  The Link is not yet activated for parents.  The online booking system will open on Tuesday 30th August 2016 at 8.00am.

The Parent Teacher Interviews are quickly approaching and will be held on Wednesday 7th September 2016, between 12.45pm-8.00pm.  Teachers have been busy preparing the Interim Reports for Year 7 to 10 students, or the Mentor report for Year 11 and 12 students.  These reports will be posted to students’ home addresses on Wednesday, 24th August 2016.  We are continuing to use an electronic booking system for the Parent Teacher Interviews, which will allow parents/guardians to directly book interviews using the internet.

Further instructions about booking Parent Teacher Interviews will be published in next week’s Newsletter. A reminder to parents/guardians that there are no classes on Wednesday 7th September 2016.

18th August 2016
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