Exam Navigator for Year 10 & 11

Year 10 and 11 students will sit semester one exams in the week of June 4th to June 8th.

The Exam Navigator for semester 1, 2018 provides all the information students need to consider in preparing for their exams


14th May 2018

College Newsletter May 11th 2018

The latest newsletter contains information on:

  • Walk for East Timor
  • Council Election of Student Representatives
  • Downloading the Compass App
  • Library News – ANZAC, new books and displays
  • NAPLAN Navigator – all the practical details
  • Casey 360 Bus
  • Year 10 Careers Excursion and Work Experience

& Latest calendar

13th May 2018

Principal’s Bulletin (on internet use)

How do you monitor your children’s use of the internet?  What are reasonable rules and boundaries?  What do you do if your child is cyber bullied?

I have put together a short article with some reflections on these challenging questions.

To open the link, click here Principal’s Bulletin 12 February, 2018  

Principal’s Bulletin 12 February, 2018 Further resources

I was contacted by a parent after my article on internet use in yesterday’s Principal’s Bulletin.  The parent found the resources available on the eSafety Commissioner’s website useful and suggested I shared these with our parent body.  So I have.  Thanks Maureen for the suggestion.

I have written the short article below to make it easy to access the eSafety Commissioners resource via links:

What to do if you have concerns?

The eSafety Commissioner is responsible for promoting online safety for all Australians.  You will find helpful resources on the e safety commissions web site via this link

The eSafety Commissioner provides information

  • on how to report cyber bullying and make complaints,
  • an interactive guide on how to be safe secure with the connected devices in your life
  • and Social media safety centres for multiple platforms (social media, games etc) that provides advice to help you deal with a range of online safety issues, including cyberbullying, online abuse and protecting your privacy.  The safety centre often gives you a direct link to report issues directly to the platform.
12th February 2018

College Newsletter February 2nd, 2018

This week’s newsletter contains

  • Start of the school year
  • Year 7 Welcome BBQ
  • College Carnivals
  • House Captain Applications
  • School Council Eelctions
  • Compass Corner
  • For Your Calendar
  • Community Service Announcement
2nd February 2018
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