Transition Program for 2016 →2017

From 21st November to 2nd December 2016, Year 10 and 11, 2016 students will begin their Year 11 and 12 studies with a series of classes that will prepare them for their program in 2017.  It is essential that all students take part in this Transition Program as it will provide a solid introduction to the demands and expectations of their final school years.  Students going to Hallam for their program in 2017 should have received a letter in the mail with all relevant details.


20th November 2016

End of Year Program, Year 7,8,9 Students



Our End of Year Program for Year 7, 8 and 9 students will operate on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th December 2016.  This program provides students with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of learning experiences different to those provided in the regular day to day timetable.   Year 7 students will participate in one day of activities within the College, including Christmas Cooking, Table Tennis, Jewellery Making, Mini Golf and more  activities.  The Year 7 students will also attend one full day of activities outside of the College.

The Year 8 and 9 Program involves a day  at either Chadstone or Southland Shopping Centre on Tuesday 13th December 2016.  On Wednesday 14th December 2016 students will be able to choose their activities, which include Rollerama Rollerskating, a visit to the Caribbean Market, a leisurely stroll along the Mornington Beach, water activities at Casey Indoor Sports Centre, Luna Park, Village Cinemas, Medicare Icehouse for ice-skating, Ten Pin Bowling just to name a few activities. We have tried to keep the costs of the program to a minimum.

Student Permission Forms need to be completed and returned with the payment to the Bursar by no later than Friday, 25th November 2016.  Forms were distributed to students during Home Group last week, additional forms are located on the College website (below) and Student Compass.


Year 7 Students: End of Year Program   click here to access

Year 8, 9 Students: End of Year Program  click here to access

4th November 2016

Year 10 & 11 Exam Navigator & Timetable


YEAR 10 AND 11 EXAM NAVIGATOR 2016 BOOKLET:  To access Click here



Our seventh cohort of Year 12 students commenced their final exams last week with the three hour English exam kick starting the three week period of exams.  We wish the entire class of 2016 the very best of luck with each exam!  All Year 9, 10 and 11 students will also be completing exams over the next month. Year 10 and 11 students will complete an exam for all of their subjects, while Year 9 students are completing exams for English, Maths, Humanities, Science and LOTE only.

The Exam Navigator for students in Years 9, 10 and 11 is available to download from Student Compass and the College website, via Quicklinks on the Home Page. The Exam Navigator contains valuable information about the exams held at Gleneagles.  It clearly details the guidelines and rules set for the exams, include the accepted and required materials and contains a comprehensive timetable for the exam period.   Any inquiries regarding the end of year exams can be forwarded to the Senior School Leader, Mr Matt Neal, or Middle School Leader Ms Jo Tippett.



24th October 2016

Year 8 Excursion


On Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th  September 2016, Year 8 students participated in an excursion to Melbourne Zoo. The students were provided with an opportunity to explore the many animal species from Australia and around the world.   For the Humanities students, the focus of the day was on rainforests and conservation. Students were able to see the important role the zoo plays in promoting conservation and raising awareness about human impacts on the environment. Students observed the gorilla rainforest and the orang-utans enclosure, which had an educational exhibit on palm oil. Students will be completing a research report in Term 4 based on their field work observations at the zoo and the work we have been doing in class.

For Indonesian LOTE students, the aim was to expose students to animals in the South-East Asian section. Students were able to compare species found in Indonesia to those in Australia and were encouraged to take photos of all animals to use in completing a set task of choice.  For German LOTE students, the focus was on photographing and collecting information about five animals that live in the Melbourne Zoo. The photographs will be used to illustrate a Kinderbuch (children’s book) with the students describing the animals and their habitats in German.  For Chinese, students took photos of animals at the Melbourne Zoo and then chose 12 animals to write about in Chinese, expressing their degree of likeness for each animal and using the photos to support their writing. Overall it was an enjoyable and informative day.

Pictured: Year 8 students Stellar, Monique, Ryan and Valente


10th October 2016

Vietnam War History Competition

During the Term 3, 2016 school holiday I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam as the prize for winning the 2016 Vietnam War History Competition. Winning the competition and being announced as one of the winners in the Civic Reception at the NGV by the Premier of Victoria was only the start of a remarkable journey.

I stood at the Battle of Long Tan site in shivers, realising that I could have been spotted and shot by camouflaged Viet Cong soldiers hiding only 20 metres away and how I witnessed the site where my tour leader, Gary McKay, was wounded almost 50 years ago. I also visited the Chu Chi tunnels, where I learned how the Viet Cong used them as an escape route to the Saigon River.

On the other hand, it was also heartbreaking to hear about the struggles back at home from the perspective of Alma Elliot, whose husband was conscripted in the war. When she described how she had the reputation of having the ‘boyfriend who killed Vietnamese children’, and explained how her own children were affected by Agent Orange, it brought tears to my eyes.  I met Helen, a local dressmaker in Hoi An who owned her own shop for 13 years with the ultimate dream of being a nurse. But dreams don’t always turn to gold, as her being part of a family with six children and insufficient funds to support and achieve it. Together with her younger sister, Helen opened up a little shop where she now makes beautiful authentic dresses. All her salary goes towards supporting her husband and children. Helen has to work long hours to continuously support her family yet always has a smile on her face.

I learnt to be grateful for my life, to stop complaining that my blanket is too thick or that I have to walk up a hill to my next classroom because I could be having it worse off, not having the opportunity to strive for further education like Helen.   This trip gave me the opportunity to observe, taste and get a better understanding of Vietnam’s unique culture; to walk along the river at night and see shining streets and rivers filled with brightly coloured lanterns, listen to local Vietnamese children sing, watch a cultural Water Puppet Show and ride in a cyclo. It was a privilege to travel alongside nine  other amazing Victorian students who will become my friends for life. Thank you to Ms Sykes and Ms Weir for your support and guidance throughout the competition. I had the best time of my life, learnt a lot and will treasure the trip forever.

Article by Canis Nugroho 10E, College Sports Captain



10th October 2016

Year 10 Excursion, Jewish Holocaust Centre


As part of their History studies in Humanities the Year 10 students participated in an excursion to the Jewish Holocaust Centre in Elsternwick in September 2016. The students attended a presentation on Human Rights and the Holocaust. Following this, Holocaust survivors gave a testimony of their personal histories and students had the opportunity to ask questions and share in a discussion with the survivors.  Students also had a guided tour of the Holocaust Centre where they gained more in depth knowledge about the Holocaust, particularly about those who were affected. The excursion was highly insightful for all students involved and illustrated how racism, hatred and prejudice can be combated by fostering tolerance and understanding.

Student Testimonials from the excursion are below: –

“Going to The Jewish Holocaust Centre was intense. All the people who worked there and the survivors who spoke to us really help you understand what the holocaust was like. If there was one thing to take away from the whole experience is would be that there is no such thing as race, we are all human beings and we are all equal.”  Kate

“Whoever saves a single life saves the whole world” – “The Jewish Holocaust Centre served as a place of remembrance, suffering and hope. David Prince was one of the survivors during the Holocaust. His story of Poland being invaded, being forced into the ghetto, then transferred into a concentration camp and even losing his mother in seconds touched many hearts and souls. The fact that we will be the last generation to hear a firsthand story from a survivor will always be remembered and cherished.” 


Picture 1: Jack, Danielle, John Paul with Holocaust Survivor David
Picture 2: Jessica, Ebony with Holocaust Survivors Joe and Abe 









Ms Furfaro, Humanities 9-10/English Teacher


16th September 2016

Human Powered Vehicles


Several weeks ago the Gleneagles HPV team competed at the Bendigo Grand Prix. It was a soggy winter day and with a wet track there was definitely the chance there was going to be a few accidents. The race began and as expected there was quite a few crashes, particularly around the newly named ‘Carnage Corner’. Within the first hour there were multiple crashes which led to the first ‘red flag’ the team has seen, which stops the race.

Our boys managed to stay out of any accidents and once we got moving again they kept recording lap after lap while other teams crashed out and had to return to their pits. After a solid nine hours of racing our boys had clocked up over 180kms of distance and claimed 9th and a top 10 spot in our division!  Well done to everyone who raced and thank you to the parents that came in support and helped out throughout the day hopefully we will be seeing you at the next event at Casey Fields on  Saturday, 8th  October 2016 for a six hour endurance.  A special thank you to our local sponsors Kiama Pools, Craig Civil Design, Bartley Electrics and CRMA.

Mr Bowen, HPV Co-ordinator, Year 8 Team Leader/PE/Science




Thanks to our sponsors for the Human Powered Vehicles.


15th September 2016

College Production


The 2016 School Production ‘Babysitter Wanted’ was a roaring success! This year was a little different, as the show was written by our very own students. Way back in Term 1, a script writing ensemble came together every Wednesday lunchtime to workshop and write scenes for the show, all in the name of student led and inclusive project based learning. We rehearsed over Term 2 and 3, every Thursday, Saturday mornings and a weekend Production Camp. They learnt lines, practiced song harmonies and even were taught how to salsa dance! All in the name of new experiences and making new friendships across the year levels. Our cast should be commended on all their hard work leading up the performances and their commitment to the show.

On Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st August and Thursday 1st September 2016 the 75 students, cast and backstage/technical  crew, performed to all sold out shows at Hallam Senior Secondary College. The audience laughed, cried and danced along with our talented actors, singers and dancers. A special thank you to our backstage team, as well as our tech crew, Year 9 students, Andre Dababneh and Brennan Greer, led by Tim Riley a former student of Gleneagles. Our students shined on stage, as well as showed great talent and resilience in dealing with all that comes with putting on a successful school Production.

The students also performed two matinee shows to Grade 5 and 6 students from Thomas Mitchell Primary, Hallam Primary and Southern Cross Primary. The primary students enjoyed the show immensely and were excited at the end of the show when they had a chance to ask the cast and crew questions. A huge show of hands told us that they loved our show and were enthusiastic about joining us at Gleneagles in the future.

We are all proud of the students achievements in writing and staging a successful and entertaining original School Production, and so delighted that the school community enjoyed our show. We are very lucky to have immense talent at Gleneagles and we can’t wait to further this in the future.  More photographs from the Production are on Page 4 of this Newsletter.

Ashlea Thompson, Kirsty Wilson, Sarah Reynolds, Kirsty Letts

Production Team

pic #2





pics #1


















9th September 2016

Principal For A Day

Prin for a Day image



On Thursday 8th September 2016, Deborah Glass OBE, Victorian Ombudsman, stepped out of the business world and into Gleneagles Secondary College for the sixteenth annual Principal For A Day.

Principal For A Day is delivered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training (through the Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership).  Principal For A Day gives a wide range of community and business leaders from all walks of life a first-hand experience of a normal day in a Victorian government school. Over 150 business and community leaders took part this year.

Deborah was keen to participate in a variety of activities such as leading a class, sharing ideas with the staff, meeting teachers and students, exchanging insights with students and the College Leadership Team. Principal For A Day provided us with an excellent opportunity to enable someone from the business community to gain a unique insight into the learning environment at our school. “I have been looking forward to the experience and I expect to gain a new perspective on the work being done in schools. It’s a great way for schools and the broader community to work together in preparing our children for the future” Deborah Glass said.



9th September 2016

Book Week

Last week was Book Week in the Library. The theme for this year was Australia! Story Country.  Each lunch time there were activities based on the theme of storytelling, these included author presentations, a family history talk, a trivia contest, and a Campfire Storytime with selected teachers.  On Monday we had David Astle, author of 15 books about puzzles and the English language. David is a self-proclaimed word nerd who writes the puzzles for The Age and The Sydney Sunday Herald newspapers. He also starred on the SBS show Letters and Numbers.  There was a great turnout for this, with the students and teachers enjoying fun activities to test their knowledge of the English language.

Wednesday featured the author of the award-winning novel,  made into a film, The Dressmaker, Rosalie Ham. Rosalie regaled us with stories of growing up in a country town, the setting that inspired her story, and working on set as an extra to her own movie.  The Campfire Storytime was a big hit on Thursday. A volunteer in the library had used her artistic skills to create an artificial fire for the students and teachers to sit around, eating marshmallows on sticks.  Several teachers told stories to the enraptured listeners, while Media Teacher, Mr Young utilised his own method of storytelling and showed a short film shot entirely on a phone in the streets of Melbourne and New York.  Overall Book Week was well received by the students and school community and it was great to see some new faces.  We look forward to adventuring further abroad with next year’s theme.

Ms Benson, Library Technician

Picture 1: Ms Ivory, Ms Mendoza, David Astle, Michael 8E, Amogh 8E

Picture 2: Rosalie Ham and Casey, Year 12

author David Astle


Rosalie Ham Book week august 2016













2nd September 2016
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