Ongoing Reporting

At Gleneagles Secondary College we believe that clear and timely reporting of your child’s achievements and progress at school is important. With this belief in mind we have made the decision to move to ongoing online reporting via Compass. The goal is to effectively gather, analyse and reflect on evidence to make informed and consistent decisions to improve your child’s learning experience.

You will receive two types of reports; Learning Snapshots and feedback on Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) and School Assessed Coursework (SACs).

Learning Snapshots look at the core character traits and learning skills of your child. They are intended be a quick insight into a student at a particular time. Teachers will complete learning snapshots at least two times per semester.

The three core character traits are:

  • Resilience and Perseverence
  • Self Reflection and Personal Management
  • Responsibility for Learning

Years 7-10: Teachers will be reporting on the Common Assessment Tasks that take place throughout the semester. CATs are marked against the Victorian Curriculum and also against a school wide scale. Each CAT has comments and there is a minimum of 1 per term per subject.

VCE: Teachers will be reporting on School Assessed Coursework as outlined by the relevant VCAA study design. They are marked against a common school wide scale. The frequency is dependent on the study design of the individual subject.

Click here to download the parent guide to ongoing reporting.

If you would like more information regarding assessment and reporting at the college please contact:

Learning Design Leadership Team

Parent Teacher Interviews

In support of the report format we will hold interviews with students and their parents at specific times throughout the year to discuss the students’ progress at school.

Parent teacher interviews give an opportunity for a detailed discussion of the student’s progress in each subject.  We encourage parents and students to meet with as many teachers as possible.

Parents will be notified of dates for Parent/Teacher Interviews via Compass.  On-line bookings are also made through Compass.

Aydon and Darnell’s Story – Robotics

We have studied Robotics for a semester and have really been enjoying it. In doing this subject we have learned how to create and program robots to accomplish set challenges. We’ve managed to complete an obstacle course for our robot to complete without any instructions. In addition, we’ve done a PowerPoint project outlining the concept of what a robot is and how it’s affected society.

We are glad to have participated in this elective subject as it will help us in our future if we are later interested in an occupation that requires robotic and computer technological skills. This subject is useful to us as it has given us an outlook on how important robots and technology are now and how they will benefit us in the future.

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