Progress Reports

At Gleneagles Secondary College we believe that clear and timely reporting of your child’s achievements and progress at school is important. With this belief in mind we have made the decision to integrate our school values into our reports. We have used a rubric or assessment grid to ensure consistency for all students, teachers and families.

The goal continues to be to effectively gather, analyse and reflect on evidence to make informed and consistent decisions to improve your child’s learning experience.

Progress reports look at the core school values of Respect, Inclusion, Stamina and Excellence of your child. They are intended be a quick insight into a student at a particular time and give each family information to have a discussion with their children about their school performance.

Introducing Rubrics to Families

A rubric is an assessment guide that reflects content standards and performance standards. Rubrics describe the features expected for a student to receive each of the levels/scores on the chosen scale. An assessment rubric tells us what is important, defines what work meets a standard, and allows us to distinguish between different levels of performance.

All parents and guardians are asked to open the rubric when reading the progress reports to fully understand the observable levels the teacher has assessed for your son or daughter.  A rubric allows each parent and student to,

  • gain feedback on the quality of their performance against the specified criteria
  • see your strengths, weaknesses and where you can improve
  • understand the standards and how grades are allocated.

Click here to view Progression Report Rubric.

If you would like more information regarding assessment and reporting at the college please contact:

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