Gleneagles Secondary College has camps at each year level (indicative timing shown)

Year 7: Orientation Camp        Term 1

Year 8:  Oasis Camp     Term 4

Year 9: C.B.D. Experience       Term 2

Year 10: Central Australia        Start or End of Term 3

Year 11:  VCE Camp                  Term 1

Year 12: Year 12 Camp              Term 1

Gleneagles also has overseas biannual trips including: the German Exchange, the SEAL Europe, China with trips to Indonesian or Malaysia under consideration.  World Challenge trips are also an option.


The school’s camping program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting.  Camps may have a cultural, environmental or outdoor emphasis and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at our school.


  • To provide all children with the opportunity to participate in a sequential camping program.
  • To provide shared class experiences and a sense of group cohesiveness.
  • To reinforce and extend classroom learnings.
  • To provide a program that delivers skills and knowledge that may lead to a lifelong involvement in worthwhile leisure pursuits.
  • To provide a program that promotes self-esteem, resourcefulness, independence, leadership, judgement, cooperation and tolerance.
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