Integration Program

Gleneagles Secondary College provides an Integration Program for students who have been identified as having specific learning difficulties. Students are supported through The Program For Students With Disabilities. This Program aims to maximize student potential growth in education and learning.

A team around the learner approach is taken at Gleneagles with all members involved in the students’ development working together with parents to enhance the learning outcomes for each student. Student Support Group meetings with the key stakeholders are held to ensure that all progress and communication is clear and well defined to the student, parents, teachers and support staff.

To support each students need the Assistant Principal for Student Engagement has a dedicated team of Teacher Aides, Wellbeing Specialists and Specialist Support Staff who aim to develop and deliver a modified curriculum which is sensitive and tailored to specific needs. This team regularly liaises with the Learning Enrichment Centre (LEC) as many students will receive the necessary support within the LEC’s Literacy and Numeracy program.

Additionally the Junior Sub School Leader will coordinate and liaises with feeder primary schools in the transition phase from primary to secondary education to provide an accurate assessment of our students’ needs.

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