Learning Enrichment Centre

Gleneagles has always had a number of PSD funded students. We also have unfunded students who need support to access the standard curriculum or that need the curriculum significantly modified.

After a year of research into best practice we have designed the Learning Enrichment Centre – LEC that uses a range of resources that provide targeted and at the point of need support in both Literacy and Numeracy.

Students are identified for the Centre through a range of testing and classroom observations. Students performing more than 2 years below year level and PSD students are provide significant literacy and numeracy intervention for approximately 2 periods per week. Students work on building their confidence to develop basic literacy and numeracy skills so they can experience success in all areas of learning. The intention for most students is to provide intense support, eventually exiting them from the program once they develop the necessary skills needed to access the mainstream program.

A program such as this takes several years to be fully embedded and will be refined based on evaluations and student outcomes but six months into the first year and we have already seen positive results for many students both in the LEC and back in the classroom.

The LEC is staffed by 2 teachers and several Education Support staff and is led by our Learning Growth leading teacher. It services over 200 students across year 7 and 8.

Katrina’s Story – Science ‘Dissecting Eye’

In science class we are studying Light and Sound. To help enhance our understanding of this subject, we do lessons of theory and practicals. One of the practicals I have completed is the dissection of a cow’s eye to learn about all the parts of the eye and where they are located. For this, I worked in a group of three and we all had to work together to perform the dissection correctly and in order. While it was strange to touch and dissect the eye, I’m glad I took park in this practical. Participating in the eye dissection has benefited my life in science because it has helped me to better understand how the eye works, will help me in my future studies and was a really interesting experience.

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