Programs Approach

One of the most important conditions for success at senior school level is the capacity of a school to enable access to a broad range of programs and subjects that students are good at and interested in.

This is why Gleneagles Secondary College along with Hallam Senior College and Fountain Gate Secondary College have linked to form an Alliance with the sole purpose of broadening the subjects and programs available to all our students. The concept of Student Programs essentially is a collection of units or subjects that provides a focus to the student for their studies and future career paths.

At Year 10, students and their families will be able to consider a comprehensive range of programs and an extensive list of studies. Students have the option to stay at Gleneagles or move to another site to pursue the program of their choice.

The students within the Alliance have access to the greatest range of programs in Victoria, which caters for the diverse education needs of the students in our community.

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