SEAL - Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program


Gleneagles Secondary College is one of 36 schools accredited to offer Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL) in Victoria.  Our staff have been specially trained to teach highly able students.

Gleneagles is listed on The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) website.  To access the website click on the following link:

One SEAL class of 25 students is offered at each year level from Year 7 to 10.

Students will begin their VCE program early, usually in Year 10.  This provides the opportunity to study a variety of VCE subjects and go on to University Enhancement courses, usually in Year 12.

The SEAL program provides an opportunity for high potential students to undertake a challenging, concept-based curriculum in the company of like-minded peers. Instruction is designed to stimulate and inspire this highly motivated group, and emphasis is placed on developing creativity, independent inquiry and research skills.

Excellent levels of literacy and numeracy are expectations of SEAL entry.  SEAL students complete the same subjects as other students in the year level but curriculum delivery is differentiated to provide faster paced instruction and minimal repetition.  The concepts explored in class are often more complex, abstract and challenging.


Click here for  information on enrolling in future SEAL programs 

Cameron’s Story – SEAL

I really like being in SEAL. I only knew one other student in the group at the start of the year but now we all get along and I fit in and have lots of friends. We have similar interests and are keen to learn. In SEAL we can look at things we are interested in depth. I do extension work and this provides a challenge and more ways to learn. I’m not bored and SEAL provides lots of opportunities.

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