What about Select Entry High Schools?

SEAL_LOGOSNIP SEAL logo Nov 2015Gleneagles SEAL program is designed to cater for our students through to Year 12 but some families like to consider a possible enrolment for their child at a Select Entry High School.

Gleneagles is listed on The Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) website.  To access the website click on the following link:  http://www.sealacademy.org.au/

Nossal High School is the closest Select Entry High School and Gleneagles students have had great success in meeting the entrance requirements.  Indeed only one school in Victoria had more students accepted into Nossal for 2014.  This speaks volumes about the quality of the Gleneagles SEAL program and its ability to challenge and prepare highly academically able students for their future pathways.

Some students thrive in the pressure cooker of a select entry school while others find it quite challenging.  It is important to consider your child’s personality when considering a school where every student is assessed as being of high academic ability.  This can create a highly competitive environment.  Some student’s cope well or even thrive while others find the pressure overwhelming.  We suggest you consider carefully how your child will cope with externally and internal pressure that comes with an enrolment at a Select Entry High School.  It is a very different environment to Gleneagles and we often have students return and tell us how much they miss our school, indeed, some have re-enrolled at our College.

Highly able student will be able to achieve great results at Gleneagles.  Our students  develop excellent academic skills while remaining part of their local community.  They are able to remain part of a school community and have the support of teachers and peers that know them well.  Our SEAL students achieve excellent ATARs and are able to pursue their dreams through their chosen tertiary studies.

Gleneagles SC has special arrangements with several universities which support all our students gaining extra credits on their ATAR, sometimes as much as 20 points.  These arrangements will never be available through the Select Entry Highs. This can make all the difference in gaining access to their preferred tertiary course.  Please ask our Careers Coordinator for more information.

Whether our SEAL students stay at Gleneagles or go on to a Select Entry High School, we are confident their learning needs can be met through a quality Government school program.


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