Year 10

Year 10 is an important transitional year being the step between Junior and Senior school. It is a time when many students will make choices that influence future careers. Subject selection is a major focus this year as it provides students with the foundations for their senior subjects and their future.

There are many challenges for Year 10 students such as: developing a better understanding of themselves; maturing at varying rates and degrees; maintaining and growing an interest in education; finding areas and opportunities in which to excel; and feeling a sense of achievement and progress.

Year 10 Programs & Activities include:

  • Course Counselling for VCE subject selection
  • Excursions to University campuses and Careers Expos
  • Year 10 Work experience
  • Futures Week
  • Career Development and Career Portfolios
  • Interschool Sports Programs
  • Homework Club
  • Friday Breakfast Club
  • Student Activities and Leadership Team (SALT)
  • Instrumental Music Programs
  • Performing Arts Programs
  • Debating
  • 5 core curriculum subjects
  • 4 elective subjects – 2 per semester (details of these listed under the ‘Curriculum’ section)


All Year 10 students  undertake a five day work placement during Gleneagles Work Experience week (normally the last week of Term 2 at the end of June).

Workplace learning activities help students to:

  • develop and learn new skills
  • explore possible career options
  • develop a realistic understanding of the world of work
  • learn about pathways into this career
  • understand employer expectations, and
  • increase their self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence.

Students are introduced to work experience and career planning in Term 4 of Year 9, to give them plenty of time to find a suitable placement for the following year. The placement should be relevant to their future career interests, rather than helping them to find a part-time job.

Parents are asked to assist their son or daughter with this process by contacting family, friends and neighbours who may be employed in, or have contacts with the appropriate industry or business.

Prior to work experience, students must complete their safe@work certificates (on-line Occupational Health and Safety training) which are legally required by the Department of Education before a student commences work experience. There is a general and an industry certificate.

Year 10 students need to complete the official Work Experience Arrangement Form and obtain the signatures of the employer, parent and student before submitting the form to the Careers Assistant (who will arrange for the Principal’s signature).

Work experience placements must be finalised by the end of Term 1 of Year 10, however many organisations have application processes which close in October/November of the previous year.

Chris Wood, the College Careers Co-ordinator and Catherine Oldham, Careers Assistant are available to provide advice and support to students and can assist students to contact employers if they are having difficulty.


Year 10 students participate in the following activities to help them start planning their career:

  • Year 10 Futures week
  • Use the Career Voyage program, identify their skills and interests
  • Attend the annual VCE and Careers Expo
  • Complete their annual Career Action plan
  • Development of their Careers Portfolio which they will take home at the end of the year

All Year 10 students are also encouraged to make individual appointments with staff in the Careers Centre to discuss their options and to visit the Careers library.


In Year 10, students have the opportunity to participate in the Northern Territory Safari camp. This camp exposes the students to a popular and important area of Australia. They experience underground camping at Coober Pedy, visits to Uluru, the Royal Flying Doctors service and the Devil’s Marbles and just simply enjoying the magnificent scenery of the middle of Australia.

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