Year 11

The first year of VCE can be one of great challenges, yet it is also a time of great excitement and anticipation. At Gleneagles, students are provided with an engaging, broad VCE curriculum to equip students for future study, work and life challenges.

Year 11 students experience a considerable increase in the workload that is expected of them. One of our most significant roles is to support students as they tackle the demands of their VCE course. Students are supported by having access to the Senior Study Centre for group and private study.

Year 11 Programs and Activities include:

·        Course Counselling for VCE subject selection

·        Homework Club

·        Friday Breakfast Club

·        Instrumental Music Programs

·        Debating

·        6 VCE selected subjects studied (details of these listed under the ‘Curriculum’ section)


The Year 11 study camp is held at Cowes, Phillip Island during the first three days of the second week back in term 1. As the students are beginning a new and challenging phase in their education, the first day of the camp focuses on the requirements of VCE and key dates. On the second day, students attend a presentation on time and stress management followed by group activities centred around study skill techniques. There is also an opportunity for recreational activities and development of the leadership program.


This program promotes and supports the different study types of our students. Students are encouraged to learn more about the characteristics of their study type and identify strategies that they could adopt to assist them in their learning. Students are taught a variety of stress management techniques and introduced to motivational strategies to help maintain their focus throughout VCE.


The VCE Mentor Program provides a supportive environment for all students and focuses on developing positive study skills, time management and goal setting. Mentors establish a close working relationship with their students, meeting regularly and providing feedback. The mentor program is also supported by student data on Compass. Ongoing reports for each subject are also used by mentors to conduct regular meeting with students to monitor progress.

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