Year 8

Year 8 is a year when students begin to grapple with the many distractions that compete for their attention. Therefore, the capacity to get involved and have a go at new and interesting pursuits can help smooth the ride and make school a happy place. Gleneagles continuously looks to provide opportunities for students to form connections with the school environment.

Year 8 Programs & Activities include:

  • Anti-Bullying campaigns (building on the Year 7 Anti-Bullying program)
  • Interschool sports programs
  • Year 9 Info Sessions where students are given a breadth of study options available in Year 9 and an opportunity to choose electives for the first time
  • Homework Club
  • Student Activities Committee
  • Student Voice
  • Regular student-driven assemblies which allow students to showcase their leadership and musical and performing abilities in a supportive environment
  • Instrumental Music Programs
  • Debating
  • 11 core curriculum subject (details of these listed under the ‘Curriculum’ section)


In the most unique way Alexandra Adventure Resort ensures that learning is inescapable. Alexandra Adventure Resort is located in Whanregarwen and provides students with an abundance of awe-inspiring activities ranging from canoeing, archery, and high ropes course to a giant swing. It is not a resort where people just have fun together; it is a place where everyone discovers new aspects of themselves and their peers.


Tritactics is a unique program that offers students with the opportunity to learn about self-defence, personal safety and anger management. The program aims to improve students’ fitness & self-confidence and increases their self-awareness while equipping them with personal safety skills. All classes are structured to promote respect from others and oneself, discipline, confidence, concentration, fitness, flexibility, coordination, and self defence.



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