Year 9

At the beginning of Year 9 students are excited about the prospect of choosing elective subjects for the first time as they begin to consider their study and career paths. Each student is able to select from a comprehensive list of elective subjects, many of a practical nature which greatly appeal to Year 9s as this is the year many students struggle with academic demands.

The challenge for them is to achieve a healthy balance between academic and social pursuits. Peer group pressure is very strong and many students relinquish their individuality at this age for fear of non-acceptance by their peers.

Year 9 Programs & Activities include:

· CBD Experience

· Homework Club

· Friday Breakfast Club

· More Than a Score Program

· Student Activities and Leadership Team (SALT)

· Interschool Sports Programs

· Instrumental Music Programs

· Performing Arts Programs

· Debating

· 6 core curriculum subjects

· 6 elective subjects – 3 per semester (details of these listed under the ‘Curriculum’ section)


The CBD Experience a significant part of Year 9 and is a unique opportunity for students to experience the many wonderful attractions and feature of our great city of Melbourne, whilst at the same time discovering more about the people who live, work and play in the city centre. It also provides students with the experience of travelling and navigating around the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounds, and in so doing, aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to travel to the city for future education, work and entertainment purposes.

The experience is a five day program of activities and attractions that take place in the CBD and surrounds of Melbourne, visiting places such the Shrine of Remembrance, Old Melbourne Gaol, Parliament House, National Gallery & Melbourne Aquarium amongst many other city venues.

The program is the educational focus for the duration of Term 2, with all students expected to complete a number of activities and lessons in their Humanities, Physical Education, Mathematics and English subjects culminating in a creative group multi-media research project.


Gleneagles Cup is part of the Year 9 elective program. It promotes student engagement in the wider community. Students involved in the Gleneagles Cup have the opportunity to attain their Level O accreditation for both coaching and umpiring in the following sports:

· Basketball

· Soccer

· Netball

· Volleyball

Students are delegated to a local Primary School (Mossgiel Park, Hallam, Southern Cross, Narre Warren North, Chalcot Lodge, James Cook and Thomas Mitchell ) in which they will coach and train the Grade 4 students once a week over a 6 week period in preparation for a Gala tournament day held at Gleneagles with all the students.

Gleneagles Cup is a student-directed learning environment in which students are responsible for all aspects of the day including preparations such as catering, transport, awards, certificates, speeches, equipment, media promotions and staffing.

The Gleneagles Cup encourages students to develop good working relationships with both primary school students and staff. Students develop skills in teamwork, cooperation, goal setting, communication, independence, self organisation, leadership, managing conflict, problem solving, self esteem, responsibility, decision making and personal management.


The More Than a Score program is held after Year 9 exams in December. Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in a range of activities both within the school and out in the big wide world. The key focus of the program is to enable students to develop a range of skills that will help them to gain future employment and to give back to the local and broader community. Options include:

· First Aid training

· Barista and Food Handling courses

· Volunteer work with Parks Victoria and other organisations

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