Overseas Opportunities

German Exchange Program

Gleneagles has a well established exchange program where German language students to travel to Germany for four weeks, biannually. Students in Year 9, 10 or 11 have the opportunity to participate.

The exchange program sees students from our sister schools in Germany travel to Australia around March or April.  While in Australia they are home hosted by families in our school community.  Our students benefit by interacting with peers from another country.  The German students attend school with their hosts and participate in a number of excursions arranged by Gleneagles.  German students are usually very fluent in English.

Later in the same year our students travel to Germany where they are home hosted, usually by one of the students that travelled to Australia.  Our students attend our sister school and participate in a range of activities organised by our sister school.  This trip usually coincides with the September school holidays.

Our German language students benefit greatly from immersion in the language and culture.

Other overseas programs

In recent years our students have travelled to Malaysia and our SEAL students travelled to Europe and we are currently exploring the possibility of a program through World Challenge.

Staff have travelled to visit our sister school in East Timor (Timor Leste) and this may be a focus for the future.  This would provide the opportunity for students to make a difference for a community in need.

Alyssa’s Story – Book Club

Book Club has given me a great chance to express my thoughts and opinions of the books I read. It has given me a great opportunity to read more, learn about new books and provided me with a wider range of books to read. In Book Club we go on excursions, such as going to the city to meet authors, which also gives us a chance to buy new books. A current event in Book Club is the ‘Reader’s Cup’ which is where we compete against other teams at a quiz night, answering questions about certain books we have read. Then we present our findings of the books in any creative way we like. An upcoming event will be a visit to the cinemas to watch a film related to a book the majority of us have read. This club has really helped me with my reading and choices of books to read. I am having a great time in Book Club and enjoy attending our weekly meetings.

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