Gleneagles Secondary College has a strong sporting program that provides numerous opportunities for students to represent the college.

Gleneagles competes within the Casey North Region interschool sports competition. Interschool sports include:

Baseball      Cricket       Softball       Tennis       Volleyball      Badminton

Football     Netball     Soccer     Basketball     Hockey     Table tennis     Golf

Alongside our interschool sports program, Gleneagles also offers Sport Education to our Year 7 and 8 students. Students select from a range of sports and each term focus on one sport to develop their skills. At Year 7 & 8 the interschool sports teams are selected from the Sport Education groups.  At all other year levels students elect to participate in a team or sport and practices are held at lunchtime or afterschool.

Gleneagles has an excellent sporting tradition with many teams competing in district through to zone and some through to All-High finals.

In particular, our soccer teams have excelled in recent years.  This sport has a high profile at the school and reflects the strong interest in our community.  A soccer elective is available and an external coach is employed to train the group.

Steven’s Story – Sport

The sports program at Gleneagles has offered me a whole range of different sports, but the sport I enjoy most is soccer. I’ve been in the Gleneagles Soccer team in Years 7, 8 and 9. In Year 8 our team won all the zone and regional competitions and then we went on to play in the Victorian State competition which we won –it was fantastic. We have a lot of talented athletes at Gleneagles so I find sports at school fun and challenging.

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