Victorian High Ability Program

The new Victorian High-Ability Program will see high-ability Years 5 – 8 students across Victorian government schools participate in a 10-week virtual enrichment program.

Delivery will be through composite classes of students in Years 5 – 6 and Years 7 – 8, as follows:

• Secondary mathematics for Years 7 – 8 students

• Secondary English course for Years 7 – 8 students

Your child may be selected by the Department of Education (DET) to participate in one of these courses.


This program will focus on tasks that stimulate students’ critical thinking, problem solving and creativity – enriching their understanding of English and mathematics. The program will not focus on accelerating students through core Victorian Curriculum content.

Students will be pushed out of their learning comfort zone and parents and caregivers should be aware that many high-ability students may not be accustomed to this type of challenge. Students may need to be reassured that being challenged in this way is an important part of learning.

If you would like more information about the program contact or visit this website

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