Please select  enrolment process for specific details about how to enrol at this College.  Please note the policies below regarding transferring students to Gleneagles from local secondary colleges.

Enrolments from Eumemmerring Alliance Schools

Gleneagles S.C. is part of the Eumemmerring Alliance of Schools which includes Fountain Gate Secondary College and Hallam Senior Secondary College.  The Alliance has clear policies and processes for the movement of students between these schools which is based on a curriculum programs approach.  Any parent seeking to move a student between these schools must discuss the request with their current Principal and/or raise it during the course counselling session for the following year’s program.  Parents who ring, without going through these steps, will be directed back to their current school.

Enrolments from other local Secondary Colleges

Enrolment enquiries from local schools should only occur at the end of a semester or the end of the year.  Movement during the year can be very disruptive to a student’s education.    In general, we believe students should attend their local college.  The current school should have the opportunity to work with the family to resolve any issues, if relevant,  before a move is considered.  Exceptional circumstances may be considered by the College Principal.

Class sizes

Gleneagles has a policy of planning for a maximum of 25 students in each class.  VCE classes are often smaller.  Depending on numbers at each year level, we may not be able to process all enrolment applications immediately.  When making an enrolment enquiry, please ensure that you leave contact numbers where you can be reached between 8:30am and 5pm.

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