Bus Routes

Gleneagles Secondary College is serviced by a number of school and public bus routes.

Bus RoutesSummary of the 2017 GSC bus routes

Bus Maps:

Morning service: 

From Fountain Gate

From Hallam

From Endeavour Hills (via Mossgeil Park Drive)

From Endeadour Hills (via Kennington Park Drive)

Afternoon service:

To Hallam (Princes Domain Drive)

To Hallam

To Narre Warren North

To Endeavour Hills (Power Road)

To Endeavour Hills (Amalfi Drive)

Public Bus Services:

Public bus routes


Regular users of public transport would benefit from purchasing a Student Concession Card and/or a Student Pass.   To apply for the 2017 Victorian Public Transport Student Concession Card  click on the following  link http://ptv.vic.gov.au/

Students are legally required to touch on with their myki cards every time they travel, even if they have a valid Student Pass.

Students who have a Student Pass, or who are over 16 years old, must also carry their Concession Card at all times when travelling.  Without their Concession Card their Student Pass is not valid, whether they have touched on or not.

Victorian Student Pass

The Victorian Student Pass provides travel for students on all metropolitan trains, trams and buses.  The Victorian Student Pass is issued on a myki.

Proof of Concession Entitlement

All students aged 17 years and over, or those requiring a half yearly or yearly Student Pass (regardless of age), are required to obtain a 2017 Victorian Public Transport (VPT) Student Concession Card as proof of their concession entitlement.  It is important to note that school issued Student Identification Cards are not accepted as entitlement to concession travel on public transport.


Further information specific to student travel arrangements under myki can be obtained by visiting  www.myki.com.au  and going to the student area under the “About myki” section of the website, or by calling 1800 800 007 (6.00am – midnight daily) or by completing a myki Registration form.


Maps, current timetables, myki, fares and ticket  details can be found by clicking on the following Links:












Ebony’s Story – Wood Work

Last year, I studied all three of the technology subjects offered at the Year 9 level – wood, metal and glass and found I enjoyed Wood Work the most. I love using my hands to create things that I can use at home and things I am able to be proud of, such as the drawers and shelving unit I made during the class. Choosing to participate in Wood Work has helped me gain skills with power tools, screwdrivers and saws – things I might not have used otherwise. Also, in a class with half males and half females, it’s nice to see the perception of technology subjects changing where it’s now acceptable for women to be doing the male-perceived classes. I enjoyed Wood Work so much that I hope to continue doing technology subjects in the future.

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