Enrolment Process

Please note that due to accommodation constraints, the DEECD has requested that the College limit student enrolment.  Enrolment at the College may be determined by the student’s residential address – click here for the  Gleneagles Enrolment Protocol 2017-19

Enrolment at Year 7

Enrolments will be determined by the secondary colleges but all communication must be through your primary school.  At the commencement of Term 2 each year the Victorian Government  distributes a package to families with a grade 6 students.  Government Primary Schools will distribute this to all families and non-Government schools will determine their distribution method (you may need to request it).  Click here for more information about the transition process from year 6 to year 7.

Enrolment at Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 (and Year 7 for the current year only)

For enrolments at these year levels for the following calendar year or after the start of the academic year, please contact the Assistant Principal, via telephone on (61) 3 9708 1319.

Documentation Required

If attending the College for an enrolment interview, a copy of the student’s birth certificate and copies of the student’s two most recent school reports are required. For a student new to the country, passport and visas documents are also required.  Please bring a proof of address e.g. driver’s licence, utilities bill, rental agreement

Enrolment Interview

The prospective student and at least one parent/guardian is required to attend the Enrolment Interview.

If you have any enrolment queries, kindly contact the College office on  9708 1319.





Jamie’s Story – Year 7 Transitions Camp

The 2011 Year 7 Transitions Camp to Golden Valley Lodge in Flinders, Victoria is, and will continue to be, one of my favourite memories of Gleneagles. I went to the camp barely knowing anyone but by the time we got home I knew a lot of people, many of whom had become my friends. All the activities were fun to do and be a part of. I conquered my fear of heights and free-falling on the giant swing and the Flying Fox, a zip line which runs down the side of a mountain. I had so much fun at the camp I asked the teachers if I could stay longer because I didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately, it was time to go. I now have a group of friends who I love and trust and know they will be my life-long friends. The beginning of my Gleneagles journey started with a good memory.

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