Black Snake Productions

An educational yet exciting look at care of reptiles, and how changes in their environment will affect them. Students will be able to handle the animals including animals such as turtles, snakes (non-venomous), lizards, frogs, crocodiles and more. This activity will take place on school grounds during normal class time for students from the Year 9 Animal studies class and Year 11 Environmental Science class.     Cost per students – $14.00 and is due by 24th August.

Consent/Payment can be provided online through the school’s parent portal (, or alternatively by downloading the permission slip and  returning the tear-off section, with payment to the Bursar.

If you wish to use CSEF funds, draw funds from a payment plan or pay in cash, you will need to contact the finance office. The finance office is open from 8am. to 4pm., Monday to Friday.



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